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Jack Hageman (1931 - 2007)

Hageman Roofers - 1925

Gary Hageman - President

About Hageman Roofing

The Hageman Heritage​

Founded by John W. Hageman in 1925, Hageman Roofing has provided over 90 years of service that continues today under the leadership of his grandsons, Gary and Larry Hageman. Both men took over the company in 2007 following the passing of their father, Jack Hageman, who had presided over the Company since 1962. Faithful to the family tradition since 1925, the new leaders continue to pay constant attention to the numerous details that make a big difference in ensuring the structural integrity of a roof.

Nothing can match the knowledge gained from decades of Hageman involvement in the various aspects of roofing, reroofing, and roofing replacement—from the most extensive to the most intricate...from a job as small as replacing a flashing to a complete roof replacement from the decking up. 

Hageman is not an ordinary roofing company, but an exceptional one dedicated to providing outstanding value and personalized service to our Customers for over 90 years. We boast more than 4,000 satisfied Customers since 1982, and we’ve installed more than 55 million square feet of POLARA® roofing in New Jersey, and Connecticut. 

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Over 90 Years of Experience