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Lighter, cheaper, and more durable!
The Remarkable Roofing Material—Rated 'Class A' by Underwriters Laboratories!

What makes POLARA® so outstanding?
Because it’s the Number One polyester-reinforced material for Built-Up (BUR) Roofing applications for all types of climates...

What exactly IS POLARA®?
It’s a non-woven, needle-punched, heat-resistant polyester for use in conjunction with in situ hot bitumen applied on a flat roof. POLARA® meets the exacting technical requirements of the built-up roofing (BUR) industry. Hot-applied BUR has been the standard for commercial roofing in America for over 100 years. Today, POLARA® reinforcements are recognized as the standard of excellence in built-up roofing. The strength and toughness of POLARA® polyester enables traditional BUR systems to achieve new heights in water tightness and puncture-resistance performance.

When combined with asphalt, POLARA® polyester felt produces the ultimate in high-performance roofing. On lightweight flexible decks where significant deck movement is anticipated, POLARA® polyester can be combined with asphalts to create a seamless membrane. 

Mother Nature can be tough on your roof. POLARA® is extremely strong and holds up in extreme conditions. Strong, lightweight and durable, UV-resistant POLARA® polyester is Guaranteed for 15 years! Over 100 million square feet of POLARA® have been applied to commercial roofs nationally. For an aesthetically pleasing finish that actually can double the life of a POLARA® roof, ask about our POLARA SHIELD®. It forms a pleasing, seamless, white monolithic radiant sun shield and weather barrier that can lower interior temperatures and double the life of the roof covering while cutting energy costs. This process is a one-time installation and does not have to be maintained like other roof coatings.

POLARA® saves our Customers money, too:

  • No expensive tear-offs in most cases
  • No need for costly weight reinforcement - POLARA® is one-fourth the weight of other BUR systems
  • Minimal downtime - Our own fleet, equipment, and trained employees expedite each project
  • Affordable estimates that are adhered to because we possess the roofing knowledge, expertise, and experience

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